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Certification Process Guide

Onebox Ticket System DistributionOnebox Ticket System Distribution

Certification Process Guide

This guide details the API Ticketing certification process necessary to obtain access to the Production Environment.

The Certification Necessary Steps

As shown in the graphic above, the certification process consists of a few very simple steps which are detailed below:

Step 1: Once the development of the integration is completed in the Preproduction Environment including all the calls to the services that will be used in production, the integrated must contact the Onebox Api Support service to coordinate a meeting for the certification process.

Step 2: This meeting will be done by a videoconference in which the integrated will share the screen through Skype or Google Meet and will realize the complete integrated purchase flow process while the Onebox Api Support service monitors and reviews the calls in our audit system to make sure everything is implemented correctly before going to the Production environment.

Step 3: Once the complete integrated flow has been successfully realized and if everything is fine in our audit system during the review, Onebox proceeds to the creation and delivery of the Production credentials in the shortest possible time, it usually takes between one and two working days.

If, on the other hand, there is some problem during the certification and something does not work correctly or does not work the way it should, the meeting is ended and a new meeting is proposed when the integrated solves the problems they have with the integration.